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Doctors of Chiropractic have extensive study requirements which include biochemistry, nutrition, pathology, and hours as an M.D.  National Boards and State Board examinations must be passed.

Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed by the state of West Virginia to advise on the health of the spine and nervous system as well as exercise, natural health, nutrition, physical therapy, and supplements.

Dr. Ramos has been a licensed Chiropractor since 2002 in the state of California and since 2015 in the state of West Virginia.  Dr. Ramos went through an additional two years of training in the C1 vertebrae and neurology surrounding the brainstem to be certified as an Atlas Orthogonalist.  Dr Ramos is also certified in Pulse Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy.

You will get much more out of your care if you agree to follow care recommendations.  These are based upon scoring your level of pain along with the findings of your examination and x-rays.  These will be averaged together and will help the doctor determine your frequency of care.

We look forward to giving you care and the wonderful experience of great health.

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