The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment
Atlas Orthogonal is a highly precise Chiropractic procedure founded by Sd. Roy Sweat in Georgia.  Dr. B.J. Palmer is the developer of Chiropractic.  Both of these doctors dedicated their career on the importance of adjusting the C1 vertebrae with precision.

This area of the spine is theorized to be the centering point for all of the righting mechanisms of the whole body.  If this bone, C1, is not orthogonal (at right angles) with the neck and skull, many imbalances and diseases emerge in the body.  There is an over-firing of the motor centers in the brain-stem, which lead to tighter muscles on one side of the body if the Atlas (C1) is not level or if it is twisted.  When this occurs, information going to the brain and back out causes weakness and imbalance.

Research has also shown that within the joint space between the skull and C1 vertebrae there are 32 times more nerve innervations that go directly to the part of the brain that controls the body’s immune functions.  Again, if there is an over-firing to this area of the brain, immune function is impaired.  For optimum heath, the Atlas and Occiput (the bottom of the skull) must be orthogonaly aligned.

The procedure of Atlas Orthogonal has been studied extensively by Dr. Ramos, who will examine patient for this misalignment and then make recommendations about x-rays and correction using physics, calculus and biomechanics.  3-D x-rays of the upper spine may be used to assist angles of correction.  A highly specialized instrument makes the adjustment in a neutral position.  There is no twisting or popping of the spine.

This procedure is highly effective in treating problems like herniated discs both lumbar and cervical, vertigo or dizziness, tinnitis, headaches, neck and rib pain, low back pain and TMJ dysfunction.