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The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Atlas Orthogonal is a highly precise Chiropractic procedure for adjusting the C1 vertebrae.  This area of the spine is theorized to be the centering point for all righting mechanisms of the body.  If this bone, C1, is not orthogonal (at right angles) with the neck and skull, many imbalances and diseases emerge in the body. 

Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment
If the C1 is not level, or if it is twisted, an over-firing of the motor centers in the brain-stem may lead to tighter muscles on one side of the body.  When this occurs, impared information going to the brain and back out causes body weakness and imbalance.  Immune functions may also be impaired.
A highly specialized instrument is used to orthogonally align the Atlas and Occiput.  There is no twisting or popping of the spine. 

This procedure is highly effective in treating problems such as herniated discs both lumbar and cervical, vertigo or dizziness, tinnitis, headaches, neck and rib pain, low back pain and TMJ dysfunction.


Dr. Margarita Ramos DC in Lewisburg WV Greenbrier County

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